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Events Funnel Report

What is it?

The Funnel report essentially shows the “conversion rate” at each step of the funnel, for each partner. For instance, it might show you a given Partner drove 1,000 customers to complete page 1 of a lead form, and of those, 500 continued on and filled out page 2, and only 200 completed the entire lead form.

Why is it useful?

While some Retail brands may have little use for this report, anyone with a measurable multi-step conversion funnel will be able to use it to understand how customers behave when they are brought into the funnel by various Partners, and thus which Partners are best at driving users to complete the most valuable actions in your funnel.


You can filter data by when it was created. You can also compare two periods of time against each other.

You can pull a maximum of 366 days of data. However, you can still perform Year-over-Year reporting by selecting compare to {Previous year}.

If you want to pull more than 366 days of data, you will need to run the report multiple times with different date ranges.

Data older than 2 years may be periodically archived.

Some possible uses:

  • Credit card issuers and other lenders can track applications begun vs submitted vs approved.

  • App-based brands can see how many people install their app vs take their first valuable action within it.

  • Subscription-based services can see how many free trials turn into purchases.

  • Travel brands can see how often booked travel is being consumed.


In order to see options in the drop-downs for steps 1, 2, and 3, you just need to make sure that you have set up an action tracker for each step you want to track. For instance, if you want to track the process from an app install to email verification to an in-app purchase, you need to make sure that each of those steps has a corresponding action tracker. To learn more, check out our Action Tracker Setup guide, or reach out to your CSM.




Insight Level

Choose how you want to view the data: by Partner, Ad, Customer Status, Deal, or Partner Group.

Step 1

The number of users who completed the action you have selected as Step 1, during the defined date range.

Step 2 Dropoff

Of the users who completed step 1, this is the percentage who failed to go on to complete the action you have selected as step 2.

Step 3 Dropoff

Of the users who completed steps 1 and 2, this is the percentage of users who failed to complete the action you have selected as step 3.

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