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Getting Started for Brands

Welcome to! Use the following steps to help you get started using the platform.

Step 1: Create your marketplace listing

Your Marketplace listing is how you communicate what your brand is and how you communicate the details of your program. This is the place to get potential partners excited about working with you, so you should take great care with what you include here.

Step 2: Create ads

We encourage brands to create as many ad types as possible to enable partners to make the best selection and have the available resources when promoting their program. Online ads are the most common type of ad used on our platform and have great flexibility.

Step 3: Create contract terms (template terms)

Template Terms are the legal framework for your relationship with your partners. They define all of your terms—like payout rates—and partners can then sign-up for your program, or you can send your terms to them directly via Impact. When a partner signs up for your program or accepts the terms you sent them, your template terms become a legally binding contract between you and that partner.

Step 4: Fund your account

In order to use, you need to know how financing your account works. Have a look at the help docs below to guide you.

Step 5: Add branding (optional)

You can set the primary custom branding for your login page, the signup and console pages for your direct partners, and any automated emails sent to them. If you're managing multiple Programs, you can set custom branding for each one. Learn more about customizing your branding here and here.

Step 6: Configure tracking links

Configure behavior for your Impact tracking links, like your default landing page, tracking templates, SSL support, and how partners can deep-link to your website.

Step 7: Configure payouts

You can test actions, view pending actions, and reverse or modify existing actions before they lock. Have a look at the following docs to get you started.

Step 8: Find, recruit, and review partner applications

As a brand, finding the right partners to partner with is often tedious, and you may end up with a lot of misses and very few hits. Impact has developed Discover, a partner-discovery tool in the Partnership Cloud™ to help you as a brand easily recruit at scale and find perfectly aligned partners.

Step 9: Add users to your account

Learn how to invite your colleagues (or an agency) and set access rights for your Impact brand account.

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