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Set up a Promotional Ads Feed as a Partner

If you want to receive information on new or newly updated assets uploaded by brands you partner with, consider setting up Ad Update Data Feeds.

The only assets that will be included in these feeds are those marked with promotional themes by a brand or have a deal associated with them. To see which assets are tagged as such, use the Deal and Deal Type filters on the Manage Assets screen.


Refer to the promotional ads feed FAQs for more information.

  1. From the left navigation bar, select cloud-solid.svg [Feeds] → Data Feeds.

    • Alternatively for Creator accounts, in the upper-right corner of the page, select user-circle-solid.svg [User Profile]  → SettingsData Feeds.

  2. Next to Daily Promotional Ad Feed, select pencil-alt-solid.svg [Edit].

  3. Toggle on toggle-on-solid.svg [Toggle] Enable data feed.

  4. Select the Frequency at which you want to generate data feed files.

    • Each file will only include events that happened since the last time a data feed file was generated. So, for example, if you decide to set the frequency to Hourly, only event that occurred within each last hour will be included.

    • Refer to the table below to see when each selection would generate a file. All times are shown in UTC format.

      Frequency Option

      Generation Times


      Every day, every hour since the last run time.

      Every 2 hours

      Every day, every 2 hours since the last run time.

      Every 4 hours

      Every day, every 4 hours since the last run time.

      Every 8 hours

      Every day, every 8 hours since the last run time.

      Twice daily

      Every day at 06:00:00Z and 18:00:00Z.


      Every day at 02:00:00Z.


      The first day of each month at 03:00:00Z.

  5. Select the Data Format. You have the following options:

    • XML: Human- and machine-readable markup text

    • TAB: Plain text, tab-spaced values

    • PIPE: Plain text, pipe-separated ( | ) values

    • CSV: Plain text, comma-separated values

  6. Pick the Delivery Method.

    • See the What are my options for getting the data field file? section above for more information.

  7. Select Save.


Note: The Restart your feed option does not reset your feed setup. This option should only be used if you are receiving support from and you are instructed to select the Reset button.

File data fields

Each data feed will always include all of the fields marked Always Present in File found in the linked spreadsheet below, but not all fields will always be present. Fields marked Present when new data is available will not appear in the file if no new data is available for a given line item.

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