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Advocate Participant Profiles Explained

Each participant in an Advocate program has a profile page. From their profile, you can view a participant's personal details, referral information, and individualized statistics. You can also manually issue them a reward or attribute a referral.

To open a participant's profile:

  1. From the left navigation menu, select Participants.

  2. Use the search bar to find the participant whose profile you want to view. You can search by name, email address, or ID.

  3. Select their name to open their participant profile.

Participant details

The top of the participant profile shows a summary of the participant's personal details, referral information, and statistics.

  • Participant information: View the participant's name, their email address, and their locale. Select Edit to update their personal details, including data stored in custom fields.

  • Referral info: View this participant's referral code and share link for the selected program. If you have multiple Advocate programs, then you can use the dropdown list below Referral Info to change which program's referral code and share link are displayed, as well as who referred this participant through that specific program. Programs are arranged alphabetically, with live programs listed before paused programs.

  • Participant stats: Review individualized statistics about this participant's performance in your Advocate program.

    Advocate - Participants - Profile Details

Select one of the tabs below the participant details to view more information.


The left column of the Overview screen displays more details about the participant, including any user segments to which they belong, by whom they were referred, and when they last logged in. You can adjust participant details by selecting pencil-alt-solid__2_.svg [Pencil].

The Rewards table displays the participant's history of earned rewards. Select Add Reward to issue a manual reward if needed.


The Referral table displays all referrals this participant has made. Select Add Referrer if you need to credit another customer advocate with referring this participant. If any of the participant's referrals have been flagged for potential fraud, you can review them within this table.


The Events table displays all events we've received for this participant. You can view event details and gather further information to assist you with troubleshooting.

Codes and links

The Codes and links screen shows all this participant's referral codes and share links, broken down by program. Here, you can edit or delete existing codes or links by hovering your cursor over the item and selecting the action you want to take.

You can also add vanity share links or referral codes from this screen.

Advocate - Participants - Participant Profile Codes and Links
Form submissions

From the Form submissions screen, you can review any submissions the participant has made to your open forms, e.g., your microsite's registration form. Hover your cursor over a row in the table and select View Details to see more information about individual form submissions.

Advocate - Participants - Participant Profile Form Submissions
Tax compliance

If W-9 Compliance is turned on for your Advocate program, you can use the Tax Compliance screen to check or change the participant's W-9 collection status.

Advocate - Participants - Participant Profile Tax Compliance

The Goals screen displays a history of all program goals that the participant has achieved.

Advocate - Participants - Participant Profile Goals

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