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How Can I Merge My Partner Accounts?

In this article, we are going to look at how you can consolidate multiple Programs into one account and how to link multiple accounts to a single username.

Consolidating multiple Programs enables the user to have all their Programs in one main account. This method connects all the Brands with one account and will house all invoicing and actions from all these Brands into this main account. The account setting will mean a single invoice and payout from

Linking multiple accounts to one user allows you to access multiple with one username. Each account will still have its unique account settings but under a single username. The user will receive payouts from based on each account's finance settings and currencies.

How to consolidate your programs into one account

To consolidate your accounts, you will need to reach out to each of the Brands you’ve partnered with and request they send a contract proposal to the account ID to where you would like all the programs consolidated. You can find the account ID of your account under the account name in the Accounts Management menu.


Once you've accepted the contract proposals on your “main” account, you can close your secondary accounts. Support will then process any pending withdrawals on those accounts before deactivating them for you.

To reach out to a brand, you will need their contact information. Follow these steps to retrieve a brand’s contact information:

  1. From the top navigation bar, select BrandsMy Brands.

  2. Select the brand you want to contact.

  3. Next to the brand's name, select the icon to retrieve their contact information.

  4. You can select Email to reach out to the brand via



In the message, be sure to include the current account ID connected to their program and the account ID to which you want the program to be consolidated.

How to link accounts to one username

You can link your various accounts to one username in by inviting yourself to accounts.

  1. Log in to the “unlinked” account that you want to link to your main account.

  2. Send an invite to the primary email address of the main account.

  3. Access the invitation link received via email.

  4. Select Sign in to your account.

  5. Use the username and email of your main account when logging in.

  6. Accept the invite.

Repeat these steps for each account that you would like to link until all accounts are accepted.


You can verify if all your accounts are linked by checking the top-left Accounts Management dropdown.


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