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Manage Your Creators

Once you've recruited some creators to your program, you'll need to access the My Creators screen to view more about your creators and manage the admin of their profiles.

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Manage your creators

  1. From the left navigation menu, select PartnersCreators.

    • Select reports_grey.svg [Graph icon] to view Performance by Partner report.

    • Select 3-dots-grey.svg [More] to Download Creator List, Creator Tracking Settings, Creator Contact List or Revert to old UI.

  2. Search for or filter your creators using the filtering tools below My Creators.

    • See the Filter reference below for more information about the filtering tools.

  3. Select columns-solid__1_.svg [Columns] to add additional columns to the My Creators table.

    • See the Columns reference below for more information about the different columns.

    Filter reference



    Search bar

    Filter through your creators by searching for their name, social network, unique partner ID, or to which account user they've been assigned.

    Select ellipsis-h-solid__1_.svg [More] to add additional filters to your filtering tools.

    Contract Status

    Filter creators by their contract status in one or more of stages you specify.

    Partner Size

    Filter your creators by their partner size rating.

    Partner Stage

    Filter creators that are joined to, expired, or suspended from your program.

    Business Model

    Filter creators by their business model.

    Assigned To

    Filter creators by an account user whom is responsible for them.

    Prospecting Source

    Filter creators by the source from where the creator was found.

    Column reference




    See your creator's name, ID, and display picture.


    If your creators are assigned to a partner group, you'll see which groups in this column.


    The contract to which the creator is signed.

    Partner Size

    The partner size rating of the creator.

    Direct Partner

    This column will display a check-circle-solid.svg [Check] if a creator is a direct partner.

    Recent Activity

    The most recent action taken by the creator.

    Date Joined

    The date the creator joined your program.

    Media Properties

    The social channels the creator has connected to their profile.

    Business Model

    The creator's business model.

    Marketplace Application Date

    If applicable, this is the date the creator applied to join the marketplace.

    Audience Country

    Where the creator's audience is situated.

    Partner ID

    The unique identifier for the creator.

    Assigned To

    The account user to which the creator is assigned.


    The creator's profile description.

    Promotional Areas

    The countries in which this creator operates.

    Contact Name

    The name of the contact person for the creator.


    The address of the contact person for the creator.


    Where the creator is based.

    Phone Number

    The phone number of the contact person for the creator.


    The contact email address of the creator.

    Moz Domain Authority

    The domain authority score of the creator's website.


    The categories associated with the creator's profile.

    Prospecting Source

    Where you originally found this creator.

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