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Create Test Actions For Partners

You can test actions by creating a test tracking link in, copying the link into your web browser, and completing a conversion event.

Step 1: Create a test tracking link

To create a test tracking link, follow the steps for creating a tracking link.

Step 2: Create a test conversion

  1. Open a new browser window, then copy and paste the tracking link that you created. The link will direct you to the brand’s landing page.


    Clear your browser cache and cookies (before each test) and be sure any ad-blocking browser extensions are disabled.

  2. Complete a conversion event on the website and record the Order ID.

    • Wait up to 48 hours for the verification, because there might be a delay from when an action occurs to when you see it live on If you don’t see the test action within 48 hours, follow up with the Brand (include the Order ID in your follow-up message).

Step 3: Reverse the test action

  1. Once you’ve created a test tracking link and submitted a test conversion, the Brand needs to reverse the action.

    • Reach out to the Brand and notify them of an incoming test conversion so they don’t reverse it before you confirm your test results.

  2. Monitor the Pending Actions screen and look out for the Test action reversal reason.

    • Alternatively, you can reverse the test action by selecting Reverse from the Actions column in the Pending Actions screen.

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