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Reversed Actions Explained for Partners

While an action is still pending, your partnered brand can modify the action or reverse it, changing your payout for an action. Brands will usually provide a reason for why they modified or reversed an action.

When the locking date arrives (which is found in your contract), no more changes can happen to the action, and it will lock in whatever status it was sent to.

View reversed actions

  1. From the top navigation bar, select Balance → Pending Actions.

  2. From the second-from-the-top navigation bar, select Reversed.

    • To search for a specific brand's reversed actions, under Reversed Actions, select them from the drop-down menu and select search-solid.svg [Search].

    • If you have the Order ID of a reversed action, under Reversed Actions, enter it into the Action ID box and select search-solid.svg [Search].

Reversal reasons

There are a handful of reasons your partnered brand might modify or reverse an action. If you think an action has been improperly modified or reversed, open an action inquiry or reach out to your partnered brand.


Reversal Reason


Advertiser activity dispute

There is a dispute regarding the brand's activity, such as their changing a product deal.

Consumer error

Whoever bought the product or service made a mistake when checking out, like not ordering enough of a product to trigger the action.

Consumer fraud

An illegal purchase has occurred, such as a stolen credit card being used during checkout.

Consumer information invalid

The consumer did not supply your partnered brand with the correct information about themselves, like a bad street address.

Credited to another media partner

Your partnered brand has decided another one of their partners would get credit for driving the action.

Item out of stock

The product purchased is not available to be sent to the consumer.

Item returned

The consumer has returned the good and your partnered brand has refunded them.

Media partner account deactivated

If you were to delete your account, your partnered brand would not be able to credit you with an action.

Partner activity dispute

There is a dispute regarding your activity, such as concern over a fraudulently driven action.

Not in compliance with terms

The details of this action cause it to fall outside of your contract terms with your partnered brand.

Order error

Somewhere along the way, an issue with the order has come up.

Test action

Your partnered brand is testing something on their end, such as tracking.


Any other reason your partnered brand is modifying or reversing an action falls into Other.

Review your Reversed Actions

If actions you drove haven't yet locked, your partnered brand can reverse them, which will cancel the payout you would've received for driving the reversed action.

  1. From the top navigation menu, select your wallet amount → Pending Actions.

  2. From the top navigation menu, select Reversed.

    • From here, review any reversed actions, and check if the payouts for them match the missing funds. If the amounts still do not align, check your Monthly Earnings report to review what your earnings are reported to be.

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