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Manage Creator Campaign Payments

You can get an overview of your budget breakdown and details about any scheduled, outstanding, and paid amounts per creator.


Any performance payments made as part of a campaign will not be listed on the payments page.

Find campaign payments

  1. From the left navigation bar, select Campaign Manager → Creator.

  2. On the Campaign Manager screen, select the Active tab to view all your currently active campaigns.

    • Each campaign provides a summary of the most important insights.
      Who applied Who you invited In Negotiation Who you hired Total tasks Budget spent
  3. Hover over the campaign you want to manage and select Manage Campaign.

  4. On your selected campaign's screen, select Payments.

    • Refer to the filter payments section to easily filter through all your payments.

Campaign budget breakdown

Spend Budget:

The total amount of your budget spent, remaining, and the % used. The budget includes hired but not yet paid creators.


The total amount and the number of creators paid.

Scheduled to Pay:

The total amount scheduled to be paid to creators.


The total outstanding amount owed to creators.

Filter payments

Payment details



Search bar

Filter by the creator's name.


Select Creators to filter by a specific creator from the dropdown list.

Payments table reference

Column name



The creator's name.


Compensation agreed to in the statement of work.


The total amount already paid to creators.

Scheduled Payment

The date of any scheduled payments.

Scheduled Amount

The amounts of any scheduled payments.


The outstanding balance (compensation - paid = unpaid).

Pay hired creators


To pay a creator, a signed contract is required.

  1. Hover over the creator you want to pay.

  2. Select Pay Creator.

  3. From the slideout, enter an amount to pay the creator.

    • You can view the payment date as determined by the clearing schedule in the campaign’s template terms.

  4. Select Pay Amount.


A confirmation modal will appear if you enter an amount higher than agreed upon.

Select Yes, I'm sure to confirm the payment.

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