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Can I Download a List of All Brands on

At this time, you cannot download a list of all brands on's Brands Marketplace. You can, however, download a CSV file with information about all brands you are partnered with in Learn how to find and apply to brands.

Download a list of joined brands

  1. From the top navigation menu, select Brands.

  2. From the marketplace navigation menu, select My Brands.

  3. Below Featured (in the navigation bar), select square-regular.svg [Unchecked box] Select All.

  4. Select Select all {number}.

  5. Select download-solid.svg [Download] CSV.


A download will start for the CSV file containing information about your partnered brands. See the Table reference section below to learn more about the data the CSV file contains.

Table reference

Table Column


Advertiser ID

The brand's (formerly advertiser) ID.

Advertiser Name

The name of the brand.

Advertiser URL

A URL that leads to the brand's webpage.

Advertiser Category

What category of products the brand sells.

Star Rating

A legacy rating system.

Campaign ID

The ID of the program (formerly campaign) to which you are signed.

Campaign Name

The name of the program to which you are signed.

Campaign Logo URL

The URI that leads to the program's logo.

Active Data

When the program started.

Insertion Order Name

The name of the contract (formerly insertion order) that governs your business relationship with the brand.

Insertion Order Status

The status (e.g., Active) of your contract with your partnered brand.

Tracking Link

The tracking link that you use to promote the brand.

Allow Deep Linking

Whether the brand allows you to deep link into their website.


The payout terms stipulated in your contract. This is how you are rewarded for driving actions.

Performance Bonus

If included in your contract, any performance goals are incentivized to hit, as well as your reward for doing so.

Click Referral Period

This column tells you when your click referral window expires.

When traffic you drive interacts with promotional material you show them, they begin the Click Referral Period. This period ends when either an action (like a sale) occurs or enough time has passed—this section is known as the click referral window.

Action Locking

How long after you are credited with driving an action that the action locks and is no longer able to be modified.

Learn more about the action locking period.

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