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Event Types Explained

Event Types specify which events you want to track within your program, such as an online conversion or lead.

This explanation offers insight into the different event types available, and the available tracking methods for the most common event type.

How they work

  • When your account is created, one (or more) Event Types is created, each with a unique ID value (known as an EventTypeId or ActionTrackerId.)

  • Your account's Event Type determines what you want to track (e.g., online sales/CPA, leads, etc.), how conversions will be tracked & reported (e.g., via JavaScript, API, etc.), and how action modifications/reversals are reported.

  • Depending on the complexity of your program, Event Types support a range of advanced features to augment your program's tracking capabilities.

In practice, Event Types are typically configured by for you and don't require much—if any—modification after they're set up. In general, don't make any modifications to your event types unless directed so, as you could potentially disrupt your program's tracking capabilities.

Event types overview

There are several different event types available, with the Online Conversion as the most common.

Online Conversion

Covers all types of online conversion events, such as Online Sale, Online Lead, Online Download, Online Page View, Referrals, App Download/Install, and more.

Online Event Types

Online event type


Online lead

Used to track the Customer ID and email of a potential customer converting to a paying customer.

Online sale

A conversion event that records the data of a sale.

Online download

The customer downloading an asset will result in a conversion.

Online page visit

When a defined webpage is loaded, the event can be triggered, and customer data is collected for that conversion event.

Partner referral

When existing partners are compensated for referring other partners that successfully sign up or drive conversions.

App install

When a customer successfully installs a brand’s defined app and the conversion completion information is sent to

Call Tracking

Specific to call-tracking programs that typically involve a conversion that occurs over the phone, such as a sale, lead, or other events.

Data Post Event

An advanced option that enables you to track and compensate for valid data submissions to your system. This can be used to interface with posting partners such as co-registration sites and other Partners that capture data on their properties and subsequently post it to you.

Offline Conversion

An advanced option that covers all types of offline conversion events, such as sales, leads, and others that don't occur either online or over the phone.

CPC Tracking

An advanced feature for click-tracking programs. A program on can only have one CPC tracker at a time.

Creator Post

When a creator is compensated after completing a scope of work as part of a campaign in which they are participating. Learn more about Creator campaigns.


Specific to the Creator program and involves a creator receiving a gift as a form of compensation. Learn how to configure Shopify gifting.

Visit the Integrations Portal if you are looking for documentation on how to implement a tracking integration.

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