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View a Creator's Profile

Gain more insights on a creator by viewing information such as their contact details, properties and performance.

  1. From the left navigation menu, select PartnersCreators.

  2. Select a creator to see more information about their profile.

    • You can select comment-regular.svg [Inbox] to message a creator.


View the creator’s basic information

  • The following details will be provide to give your more information on a creator, such as their Contract stage, Prospects stage and more.



    Contract Stage

    The contract stage of the creator (e.g., joined or expired).

    Prospect Stage

    The prospect stage of the creator.

    Assigned to

    The team member whom is responsible for the creator.


    The group the creator is assigned to.


    The campaign to which the creator is assiocated with.


    Surveys completed by the creator


    The activity log of the creator, which can include emails, chats internal notes.

  • Optionally, select View Performance to locate the creator's performance dashboard, showing their various performance metrics and analysis reports.

    • Select the ellipsis-h-solid__1_.svg [More] menu to perform additional tasks.

    More menu reference



    Client Cost Settings

    toggle-on-solid.svg [Toggle on] if you want to charge creators to be partnered with you.

    Invite to campaign

    Invite a creator to one or more active campaigns.

    1. Enter a campaign name.

    2. Enter a personalized message inviting the creator to participate in the campaign and share some details about it.

    3. Select Send Invite.

    Invite to Survey

    Invite a creator to participate in one or more surveys.

    1. Enter a survey name.

    2. Enter a personalized message inviting the creator to participate in the survey and share some details about it.

    3. Select Send Invite.

    Manage account lists

    You can make contact information available for each of your direct creators to enable them to contact the proper person on your team. Your email address and phone number becomes available.

    Partner Integration

    Manage tracking integrations for this creator.

View the Creator’s media properties and details

Select the Details and Properties tabs to view more information on the creator:

Under the Properties tab, you'll find a list of links with insights to the creator's social media and website pages.

  • Websites

  • Social media pages

  • Mobile apps

  • Email newsletters

  • Podcasts

  • Offline and other media properties

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