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Customize a Creator's Statement of Work

A creator's statement of work (SOW) contains their compensation and all the deliverables they will produce, such as the type of content and the platforms on which they will post. You can modify a creator’s SOW including compensation, task assignments, usage rights, and more without affecting other creators participating in the same campaign.

When you invite any new creators to your campaign, you can include the campaign's default SOW, or customize the SOW. Refer to Invite new creators to your campaign to learn more.

  1. From the left navigation bar, select Campaign Manager → Creator.

  2. On the Campaign Manager screen, select the Active tab to view all your currently active campaigns.

  3. Hover on the campaign for which you want to customize the SOW, then select Manage Campaign.

  4. Select the Applicants tab, then select either of the following statuses:

    • Applied

    • In Negotiation

    • In Review

  5. Hover over the creator for which you want to customize the SOW, then select View Proposal.

  6. Select Negotiate, then make adjustments to the creator's SOW.

  7. Select Send new proposal once you're done making your changes.

    • Select Hire without negotiation if you want to change the SOW without the creator negotiating the changes.


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