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Review Promo Codes

On the Promo Code Monitoring screen, you can select Review next to any promo code to view more information about a specific promo code, and enables you to log a violation.

  1. From the left navigation menu, select Monitoring → Promo Code.

  2. On the Promo Code Monitoring screen, hover over the right of a promo code and select [More] → Review.

  3. The Promo Code and Promo Code Details sections show additional information:


    Lists the domain that the promo code is associated with.

    Promo Code Display URL

    Lists the display URL of the promo code.

    Promo Code

    Lists the actual promo code value.

    Times Seen

    Lists how many times this promo code has been seen and on which dates.

    Promo Code Ad

    Lists the ad the includes this promo code.

    Promo Code Label

    Lists any applied promo codes — you can create new ones and remove existing ones in the text field.

    Promo Code Details


    Lists the policy that this promo code is a part of.

    Device Type

    Lists the device type the promo code is for.

    Promo Code Screenshot

    Lists a URL to view a screenshot of the promo code ad.

    Promo Code Click URL

    Lists the direct URL to click through to the promo code ad.


    Lists the amount of Search Engine Results Page where the promo code ad appears.

    Promo Codes' Location

    Lists where the location of the promo code ad is positioned on the page.

  4. The Decision section enables you to log a promo code violation for a specific partner — ensure you fill in the Violation Information section and select Create Violation.

Promo Code notifications

You can set your notifications to notify you when a promo code violation occurs.

  1. Select the [Notification bell] in the navigation bar on the left.

  2. Select the [Cog] in the top right of the pop-out modal.

  3. Under the Promo Code Compliance section select the [Edit].

  4. In the Promo Code Violations field, from the drop-down menu, select a notification delivery option.

    • If you select the Specific settings (Advanced) option, you will have further options to specify the frequency and method for which you receive notifications.

  5. Select Save.

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