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Automate Action Inquiry Responses

If you decline an action inquiry because it was already tracked and credited to a different source, enabling this option will send an automated response to the partner. Select the check marks to show the channel and/or media partner that was credited for the action.

Approval Rules

Approval Rules can be enabled to automatically accept action inquiries from specified partners.

For Partner

Use the dropdown to select the partner you want to automatically accept action inquiries from.

Approve Inquiry

Choose when action inquiries from this partner will be accepted:

  • Immediately

  • After (X days)

  • After (X days after) end of month

If Payout requested is less than $X

Choose a payout request limit—if a partner's action inquiry request is lower than this amount, it will automatically approve.

If total approved inquiry payout for the calendar month is less than $X keeps track of the amount of action inquiry payouts to a specific partner for each calendar month—enter a value here to set a limit. Once a partner reaches this amount, you must manually approve action inquiries.

Default Event Type

Select the default event type that tracks actions for this partner.

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