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Redeem Your Products as a Creator

Product gifting rewards you for completing campaign tasks for brands. If a brand has Shopify product gifting set up for its campaign, you can choose products within specified limits, place your order, and track the shipment.

Claim the gifts you want

To claim your gifts, you'll place an order for the products you want.

  1. From the top navigation bar, select Brands → Find Campaigns → Participating.

  2. Hover over the campaign and select Manage Tasks.

  3. Locate the product gifting task.

  4. Hover over the campaign and select Claim Gift.

  5. Select the products you want.

    • The listed products are restricted according to the limits set by the brand. So for example, you may be permitted to select 2 products but with an overall price limit of $300. In this case, you won't be able to select two $200 products.

    • Each product variant is listed individually, so if a shirt is offered in sizes S, M, L, and XL, you'll see 4 shirts to choose from.

  6. Select a product Quantity.

  7. Select Continue.

  8. Enter Shipping Information if needed.

    • When available, shipping information is pre-populated from the info you provided in the Shipping Information section of your public profile.

  9. Select Review.

    • Read over your product selections and shipping information to ensure everything is correct.

  10. Select Claim Gift.

    • The button text will change to Order Processing and eventually Track Shipment to reflect the status of your order.


Note: cannot assist with any shipment issues as the shipping process is handled in the brand's Shopify system. If you have any questions about editing or canceling the order, or any issues with the shipment, reach out to the brand directly.

What happens next?

Your brand's product gifting configuration affects what happens next:

  • If the brand does not require approval for product selection, your order will be placed via Shopify immediately.

    • Once successfully placed, you will receive an email confirming your order from the brand's Shopify store.

    • The Track Shipment button will become available when receives tracking information from Shopify.

  • If the brand requires approval for product selection, your order will not be placed with Shopify until the brand approves it.

    • If the brand rejects your selection, you'll need to reselect products for approval.


My brand doesn't use Shopify, are other eCommerce platforms supported?

No, at this time, only's Shopify integration fully automates the product gifting flow.

Brands that don't use Shopify can manually upload files to update product gift order fulfillment, shipment statuses, and tracking information. For more information on this option, contact your CSM.

Who should I contact about shipping issues & returns?

Reach out to the brand if you have any questions about changing an order, canceling it, or resolving issues with shipment.

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