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Individual Click Action Listing Report for Partners

The Individual Click Action Listing report breaks down information about each click you generate for a particular program (formerly known as campaign). You can learn more about each click, like the asset an audience member selected, referring URLs, and more.

View the report

Any report you create here can be scheduled or saved by using the buttons in the top-right corner of the screen.

  1. From the left navigation bar, select [Search], then enter "Individual Click Action Listing."

  2. Under Screens, select Individual Click Action Listing.

  3. Under Individual Click Action Listing, select the Date Range, Campaign, and, optionally, enter the specific Sub ID(s) or Shared ID for which you want to view click data.

    • If you want to view which (if any) Sub IDs or Shared IDs are associated with click actions, but do not want to filter for a specific ID, select Show → the kind of ID you want to view. This will add that kind of ID as a table column to the report.

  4. Next to the filters, select [Search].

  5. Under the filters, view the report.

    • See the Table reference below for more information on the table columns in the report.

Table reference

Table Column


Click Date

This is the date that the click event occurred.

Campaign ID's number ID for the program (formerly known as campaign) associated with the asset that traffic you drove selected.

Ad ID's number ID for the asset that traffic you drove selected.

Ad Name

The name of the asset traffic you drove selected.

Product Category

If the asset is for a specific product and the brand places that product on a category list, the name of the category list will display here.

Bid Amount

If your contract with a brand pays out at the item level, your CPC earnings may be different than the CPC payout amount in your contract. In this case, your earnings for a specific click are found in this column.

Click ID's click ID for a click action you drove.

Actual Click Cost

Including taxes and fees, this is the cost the brand pays for a specific click.


The max cost per click a brand will pay.

IP Address

View the IP Address (if available) of the audience member that created the click action.

Referring URL

View where the asset that generated the click action is hosted.

Landing Page URL

This is the URL that the asset took the audience member to. This will likely be where the product or service that the asset promoted can be purchased.

Unique Click

View how many unique clicks were generated. Brands can adjust which clicks qualify as unique, so review your contract if you believe an issue exists before reaching out to your brand.

Default CPC

The is the starting CPC payout before any additional fees are added to the brand's click cost.

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