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Team Member Roles & Permissions for Advocate Programs

Multiple members of your team can have access to your Advocate program’s settings. These team members may be assigned one of four roles:

  • Full access

  • Program manager

  • Support

  • Viewer

We recommend regularly auditing your list of team members to ensure that only current employees have the right level of access.

Full access team members can view and edit all elements of your Advocate program’s content and setup details. Only people with the full access role can invite other team members to your account or edit the permissions of existing team members. They can’t change their own permissions or remove themselves.

We recommend reserving full access permissions for those who need access to integrations and microsite hosting settings.

Complete list of role permissions

The table below lists and compares the full list of permissions for each of the team member roles.




  • View programs

  • View participants

  • Reports and analytics


All Viewer permissions, plus:

  • Participant management

Program Manager

All Support and Viewer permissions, plus:

  • Program management

  • Forms

  • Data management

  • Use a domain for share links, emails and microsite

  • Review and manage pending referrals

Full Access

All Program Manager, Support, and Viewer permissions, plus:

  • Team management

  • Billing

  • Microsite hosting and identity

  • Integration management

  • Domain management

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