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Click Tracker CPC Earnings Report for Partners

The Click Tracker CPC Earnings report breaks down your cost-per-click (CPC) earnings by the individual clicks your traffic creates. You can learn which programs are generating the most clicks for you, the payout amount for each click action, and more.

View the report

You can schedule, save, or retrieve (via API) any reports you create here by using the buttons in the top-right corner of the screen.

  1. From the left navigation bar, select [Search] and enter "Click Tracker CPC Earnings."

  2. Under the Screens column, select Click Tracker CPC Earnings.

  3. Under Click Tracker CPC Earnings, set the Date Range and select the Brand you want to view reporting for, then select [Search].

  4. Under the filters, view the report.

    • See the Table reference for more information on the table columns.

Table reference

Table Column



The date that the click event was generated.


The action ID for the click event.

Select the number to view more information on the click event, like the scheduled action locking date.


View the program you drove a particular click event for.

Event Type

See the event type associated with a particular click event.


View the action status for a particular click event (e.g., Pending).

Payable Clicks

See how many clicks you can be paid out for within a particular click event.


View the earnings per click (EPC) for a particular click event.


Your total earnings for a particular event type.


The amount of taxes assessed for a particular click event.

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