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Web Monitoring Overview


Web Monitoring is currently in beta. Reach out to your CSM (or contact support) to inquire about joining the beta program.

Web Monitoring empowers you as a brand to know where you are being promoted and informs you of the associated risks, such as brand safety or unapproved terms that could lead to brand reputation damage or compliance violations. monitors a list of partners’ digital channels such as websites, email, and social media and then analyzes the data for risk, allowing you to review placements you are mentioned in for issues relating to brand safety and non-compliance.

Set up Web Monitoring

Learn how to set up your web monitoring in this Set Up Web Monitoring article.

Placements report

This report offers an overview of partners that promote you, their brand safety, usage of unapproved terms, whether they are contracted to you, and more. You can drill down into a Partner’s placements to better understand why their posts are being flagged and see the issues (if any exist) that caused them to be flagged in the first place. Learn more in this Placements Report article.

Review Partner posts

On the Web screen, you can drill down further to the post level.

  1. Hover your cursor over a post’s row and select [Menu] → View to visually review the post.

  2. Use the Elements tab to point to the different elements highlighted by the Placements report. The elements can include Mentions, Brand Safety issues, Unapproved terms, and Placements Issues (such as broken or expired links, out of stock products, and more).

    • Optionally, select Show issues only to only see the elements with an issue status.

    • Select the Violations tab to assign a task to the non-compliant partner to remove unapproved terms from their post, change the theme of their post for better Brand Safety, or even remove the post completely.

    • Select Add a task to open the Tasks modal. From here you can add tasks, view tasks you reported, or view tasks assigned to you. When you select the Add Task button a form will generate where you can provide information relevant to the task.

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