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How Do I Enable API Access as a Partner?

You can enable API Access for your partner account, after which you will receive API credentials so that you can complete tasks on the platform via the API.

  1. From the left navigation bar, select [Menu] → Settings.

  2. Scroll to the Technical section and select API Access.

  3. Select Enable API Access Now in the upper-right corner.

  4. The page will refresh automatically and your API credentials will appear.

View API credentials

  1. From the left navigation menu, select [Menu] → Settings.

  2. In the Account column (left side), find the Technical section and select API.

On the Platform REST Web Services screen, you can:

  • Select [View] to reveal the concealed Auth Tokens.

  • Hover over one of the credentials and select [More] on the right-hand side to reset the token. API terms

Account SID

This is the unique identifier of your API account. In some applications, this is the Username of your account.

Auth Token

This is the authentication token of your API account. In some applications, this is the Password for your account.


This determines the scope of access permitted for a set of credentials: Read/Write indicates full access, while Read Only indicates only read (i.e., GET) access.


This indicates the default API version used by the set of credentials.


This gives you the option to reset your Auth Token.

Please refer to's Integrations Portal for detailed information on's API and how to access each endpoint.

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