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Incidents and System Health Status

If there are any service disruptions, incident notes are updated on the status page. Subscribe to updates to stay informed about any issues affecting the performance of the platform.


Varying statuses & services

Five potential statuses can be flagged across different services:


minus-square-solid.svgDegraded Performance

exclamation-triangle-solid.svgPartial Outage

times-solid__1_.svgMajor Outage


These status icons will appear next to the services listed below, to indicate which services are in what state of health.

Services reference table




The service that collates customer data for data visualizations

Platform Mobile App

The mobile app interface for partners

Mobile App Tracking

The system that processes clicks and conversions from mobile SDK

Call Tracking

The system that tracks phone calls

Ad Serving

The system that serves ads

Product Catalog

The system that processes and delivers product catalog data


Job processing services for the Report Export and Click Export API requests

Platform Web Portal

The user interface for customers

Web Tracking

The system that tracks impressions, clicks, and conversions

Batch FTP Tracking

The system that processes batch conversion files

Platform API

The system that provides REST API access to the platform

Tag Manager Script Serving

The system that serves the tag manager scripts

Marketing Website's Marketing web page

System metrics

You can also view system metrics to see how it's performing. These metrics can be viewed by Day, Week, or Month for the following systems:

  • Platform Web portal

    Shows both the response time in milliseconds as well as the uptime percentage of the app.

  • Web Tracking

    Shows the response time in milliseconds between the web and app for impressions, clicks, and conversions.

  • Platform API

    Shows the response time in milliseconds for REST API to access the platform.

  • Tracking Uptime

    Shows the tracking uptime percentage over the chosen period.


Past Incidents

At the end of the status page you can view a log of all the past incidents that occurred. This includes maintenance updates, scheduled downtime, completed incidents, and more.

If you want to view incidents further back than one month, select ← Incident History at the bottom of the page.


You will then be taken to the Incident History page where you can navigate back three months at a time and review any incidents reported during the selected period.


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