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Create a Paid Search Monitoring Policy

Depending on your account level, your keyword limit will be set up during your onboarding for Paid Search Monitoring. Once onboarded, you will be able to create your first policy.

Do more with Paid Search Monitoring Advanced

When you upgrade to Paid Search Monitoring Advanced, you can monitor more than 10 times the amount of keywords across 16 search engines multiple times a day. If you're interested, reach out to your CSM (or contact support) to ask about upgrading.

  1. From the left navigation bar, select Monitoring → Policies.

  2. If you have existing policies, they will be shown here.

  3. In the top-right of the screen, select Create PolicyPaid Search Monitoring.

  4. In the Create Policy screen that appears, enter a Name for your policy.

  5. Select the Country, Language, and Search Engine/s that you would like to monitor.

    • The Search Engines you can monitor will vary based on the Country selected and on your account level.

  6. Enter the trademark or trademark+ combinations that you want to monitor. These keywords are separated by line and are Exact Match, meaning that only the exact keyword combinations entered here will be monitored. Any variations or misspellings must be entered as separate keywords.

  7. Optionally, select Automatically create a violation if a contracted partner bids on your trademark to have automatically create violations should the specified policy trademarks be bid on.


    If multiple partner accounts are associated with the domain in violation, each partner will receive a violation.

  8. Optionally, select Close violations if ad is taken down by partner to have automatically complete any violations and archive paid search ads not seen in the last 7 days.

  9. Optionally, select Automatically send partners who have not completed violations reminder emails to have send reminder emails to partners who have violations assigned to them 24 hours and 8 hours before the violation due date.

    • The email will provide all the necessary information for the partner to better understand the nature of the violation and will prompt the partner to take action.

  10. Optionally, select Archive all ads older than 7 days to have automatically archive any paid search ads that have not been seen in the last 7 days.

  11. Select Save to save your policy.



Your Paid Search Monitoring data should be available approximately 2 hours after the policy has been saved.

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