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Check a Participant's W-9 Tax Compliance Status for Advocate

W-9 Compliance is an optional feature for Advocate that helps you and your participants remain compliant with US tax law.

Follow this process to check whether a W-9 form was marked as collected for a specific participant.

  1. From the left navigation menu, Participants.

  2. Search for and select the name of the participant whose W-9 status you want to verify.

  3. On the participant's profile, select the Tax Compliance tab.

    • Here you can view their W-9 form collection status and a breakdown of rewards earned per calendar year.

      Advocate - Participants - Tax Compliance

Want to check the W-9 statuses of multiple participants?

If you want to see the W-9 status for multiple participants at once, you can run a program report using the report type US W-9 Tax Report.

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