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Set Up Web Monitoring

  1. From the left navigation bar, select [Protect] → Monitoring → Web.

  2. If this is the first time Web Monitoring is being set up for your account, select Manage Settings.

  3. If you don’t see the option above, select the Settings button near the top-right of the Web page.

  4. From the Web Settings page, you can set up your Mentions and manage which Partners you would like to monitor.

  5. Under Mentions, set up any Unapproved Terms that partners should not use while promoting your brand.

    • Each unapproved term should be on its own line.

  6. Enter which of your brand names, trademarks, products, and the like you would like to flag as Brand Mentions, so that you can be notified where you are being promoted.

    • Each term should be on its own line.

  7. In the Partners section, select Manage to select which partners and domains you want to monitor.

  8. On the Manage Partners screen, next to the Search bar, select the filter and select All.

  9. You can now Search for partners to add to your Web Monitoring monitoring or select from a list of partners that are sorted by their number of web placements.

  10. When done selecting which partners you would like to include in your monitoring, select the Include button.

    • If you want to remove partners from monitoring, select the partners you want removed and then select the Exclude button.

  11. Select Save.

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