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DOM: Partner Qualification Controls

Partner Qualification Controls

Forensiq has an internal qualification process to ensure the legitimacy of its partnership. Any clients with known fraudulent or other suspicious activities will not qualify for the partnership. A prospect is accepted if it has a revenue generation model that does not rely on invalid traffic and is genuinely interested in removing any invalid traffic from the supply chain. Forensiq includes contractual language with the customer, allowing us to request third-party verification reports or accreditations concerning customers; business practices.

There are two stages for the Partner Qualification:

The first contact with Forensiq is through the Business Development representative. The representative gathers information for some basic questions before forwarding a lead to an Account Executive. A lead is considered qualified if answers are provided and can be verified through lookups in publicly available data like the company’s website, news and media publications, company profiles, etc.

Starting November 1, 2017, information about accepted or rejected leads is kept in Salesforce. The responsible Business Development Representative adds a comment to describe the reason why a lead has been accepted or rejected.

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