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DOM: Client Communication Policy

Data Reissuance Policy

A situation of data reissuance occurs when a Forensiq metric is reported, but following the identification of an error or other events, the metric has been changed or corrected 24 hours after the reporting period (currently, reporting periods are daily) has ended. If such a metric comprises more than 1% of the data in a 24-hour period, clients will be notified within 3 business days of the problem’s detection.

Error Reporting Policy

If an error is identified in reported metrics, defined as a newly introduced bug, or unexpected results from an algorithm, and such error correction affects the value of one of the reported metrics by over 1% for a 24-hour period, clients will be notified within 3 business days of when the problem is detected. In the event that data cannot be reprocessed, Forensiq will inform clients based on this error reporting policy about such situation.

Exceptions to Error Reporting

An error may be ignored under one of the following criteria:

  • A delay in reporting of less than 24 hours with metrics being fully restored within this period of time. In such a situation, Forensiq can still decide to inform clients about the delay, but such a delay is not considered an "error".

  • If impacted metrics are less than 1%. This would include temporary connectivity issues or other problems that would not exceed the error reporting thresholds based on the criteria employed in the error reporting policy.

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