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Forensiq Dashboard

The dashboard shows an overview of your data with widgets that show top-line info for your campaign. You can easily configure the dashboard to show only the information you want.

We'll cover

  • Use the dashboard comparison tool

  • View key features of the most popular widgets

As of February 2019, the dashboard is still an evolving feature with a number of improvements in the works. As new functionality is added, check this article from time to time to learn how to take advantage if it.

Dashboard comparison tool

The dashboard comparison tool at the top of the dashboard UI can be used to compare data across different time periods.

  1. Use the date button and use the [Drop-down menu] to select a date range you wish to see.

  2. Use Source, Sub Source, Campaign, Domain, and App to filter your dashboard results.

Dashboard widgets

Depending on the product suite(s) you're using, the dashboard populates with a number of useful widgets with information about traffic, domains, and more.

Invalid traffic by channel widget

This widget displays the different channels where invalid traffic has been detected, along with a percentage breakdown to show which channel is reporting the most invalid traffic.

Top high risk domains widget

This widget will show domains that have a large amount of detected invalid traffic—including the number of prebid requests and a percentage breakdown of GIVT and SIVT.

Risk by reason code widget

This widget displays the various risk reason codes along with the number of prebid requests and the percentage of all prebid requests labeled with that reason code.

Top high risk apps widget

This widget displays prebid requests and percentage of GIVT and SIVT attributed to tracked apps.

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