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View a Partner's Profile

You can learn more about partners by viewing their profile.

  1. In Discover, find a partner that looks interesting. You can do this by looking through a collection or performing a regular search.

  2. Select the logo of the partner you want to learn about.

Once you do the above steps, you'll view the partner's profile. From here, you can learn more about the partner, mark them as a prospect or that you're Not interested in them, or even begin outreach by emailing them or sending a proposal.

Get more info about the partner

Starting on the right side of their profile, you can see the partner's Properties, get more Details about the partner, and retrieve the contact information of the partner's Contact.

See partner Properties

When you select Properties, you'll be able to view properties the partner has listed that they own. You can also usually click through to visit the media property if it's available online and is verified by

View more partner Details

When you select Details, you'll see what categories of products and services are relevant to their platform, any related links the partner added, their audience countries (Promotional Areas), and any relevant financial information (if available).

Gain partner Insights

At the bottom of the panel, there are audience statistics and relevant rankings like the partner's Moz Spam Score and their Alexa Rank.

Reach out to that partner's Contact

When you select Contact, you'll find the partner's address listed with as well as the contact details of the partner (like the Contact's name, email address, and phone number, if listed).

If the partner seems like a good addition to your program, send them a proposal from their profile.

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