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Configure Optimize Credit Groups allows you to assign Credit Groups for your partners in Optimize Channels. The Credit Group you assign to an Optimize Channel may affect payout decisions for your partners.

Configure Optimize Credit Groups

This feature is only available with the Optimize add-on. Click here to get the add-on!
  1. From the left navigation menu, select optimize-icon__v4346847.svg Optimize → Settings.

  2. Select Channels.


Credit Group Options


Your partners will be set to the Preferred credit group by default, unless the credit group assignment has been altered on the template terms.

When you create or modify template terms, your partners should be in the Preferred credit group and so you won't see a credit group configuration. If you do see a credit group configuration, your program has a more advanced configuration.

If you want a payout issued to a partner only when that partner is the Last Click relative to Paid Channels, your Optimize Channel credit groups must be set to Preferred for all paid channels (e.g. paid search, paid social, display) and either Standard or Non-Preferred for unpaid channels (e.g. organic search, organic social, direct).

Standard or Non-Preferred

If you want a payout to be issued to a partner whenever at least one partner is in the consumer journey, your Optimize Channel credit groups must all be set to Standard or Non-Preferred.

Need Help?

If you need help setting your credit groups, or you have a custom configuration, please contact support.

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